Laugh Therapy 10/3/15

imageLast night I saw this sign on my way in to see Marlon Wayans perform at the Funny Bone in Albany. Great show by the way. This sign should be at the entrance of my house. Last night, Marlon talked about the sibling rivalry between him and his 9 siblings. My kids only have each other for their rivalry and there’s enough material there for 10 kids which reminds me of a little exchange between my son and I recently.

Me: Alex, you really need to be nicer to your sister. You get much farther in life with sugar than you do with vinegar.

Alex: Well Mom, people don’t each salt and sugar chips. They eat salt and vinegar chips!

The kid has a point.

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Fundraiser Oct 14th at West Side Sports Bar & Grill

imageMany thanks to the West Side Sports Bar & Grill who is generously donating 20% of sales from 5-8 pm on Wednesday Oct 14th!! Come out with your friends, enjoy a great meal and be part of GYRB’s mission to provide meals and grocery gift cards to local cancer patients. The difference you make could be for someone in your neighborhood!

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Laugh Therapy 9/30/2015

Many thanks again to Tony Mangino Mitsubishi for supporting Get Your Rack Back and our mission to help local patients. This, ironically, brings me to a belly laugh I thought about today.

Two vehicles ago, I owned a black Mitsubishi Outlander (from Tony’s dealership). It was the first day I had it and I told the kids that I would take them to the dollar store to pick out a toy since they were so good at the dealership while I signed the papers for the car. There were no kid handprints on all of the cars in the showroom, they didn’t play tag amongst all of the new cars and more importantly, they didn’t kill each other. It was a win. Going to the dollar store to spend $2.14 for good behavior? I got off easy.

Alyssa was 6 and Alex was 5. As we pulled into the shopping plaza Alyssa said, “Hey Mom, can you drop us off at the door of the store and then park the car and come in?” To which I responded with, “Ah, NO. What if someone tries to take you?” And without skipping a beat, my ever-so-worldy 6 year old said, “If anyone tries to take us, we’ll just tell them that we drive our mother crazy so they won’t want us.” I laughed about that for probably a week!

Now they are teenagers, expensive and mouthy. Her thought certainly holds true today!

Laugh on,


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GYRB October Fundraiser

Thimageese exceptionally beautiful pieces of jewelry made by my dear friend Shari Silverman Voce are part of Get Your Rack Back’s fundraiser. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the normally $25 Necklace, $20 Bracelet and $15 Earrings will be specially priced as a collection for $50. Every collection sold will provide a restaurant or grocery gift card to a local cancer patient and his or her family. Please help GYRB make a difference in our community! Inbox me if you would like a collection and let me know which color scheme you prefer – the pink/purple or the all colors sets. Many thanks to our supporters!!

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Tony Mangino Mitsubishi Fundraiser!

October is Breast Cancerimage Awareness Month and Tony Mangino Mitsubishi is generously donating $50 for every car sale during the month of October to Get Your Rack Back!

If you or anyone you know is in the market for a car, please stop by Tony Mangino Mitsubishi. They are wonderful people to do business with. I am currently driving my fourth Mitsubishi. I love my car and the great service experiences I have at Tony Mangino Mitsubishi.

Many thanks to Tony, his family and his staff for generously supporting Get Your Rack Back and the local families we serve!



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More Pictures from the 4th Annual Get Your Rack Back Event!

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Pictures from the 4th Annual Get Your Rack Back Event!!

Lots of great pictures from the event to view!!

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